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Trimble ® Stratus Powered By Propeller

All the unlimited cloud-based drone survey processing, visualization, and analytics power from the Propeller Platform, integrated in the Trimble ecosystem you trust.

Effortlessly Map, Measure, and Manage in 3D

  • Propeller conveniently processes your flight data in 24 hours so you can visualize your site in a realistic and geographically accurate 3D model
  • Assess how your site is doing today or over its lifetime in a virtually explorable model

Access the Project Data You Need, No Expert Required

  • Invite an unlimited number of team members to collaborate virtually
  • Import Survey, Pre-Processed, Designs, and Point Cloud data: Geotagged JPEGs, AeroPoints, GCPs as CSV, GeoTiff, TTM, DXF, KML, KMZ, LandXML, CZML, and LAS/LAZ
  • Export 3D Models, Orthophotos, Point Clouds, Shapefiles, Survey Boundaries, Terrains, Contours, and Measurement Outline data: DXF, GeoTiff, JFIF, JPEG, LAZ, CZML, GeoJSON, and KML
  • Quickly generate and share timestamped PDF and CSV reports and measurements

Optimized for Earthworks


Assess your site from pre-bid through to final design. Regularly compare what’s on the ground to design and spot problems before they become expensive—avoid costly rework.


Measure how much you’ve extracted, overburden capacity, and the amount of material your next blast will yield to tailor production, reduce write-offs and increase profits.

Waste Management

With frequent drone flights, get an accurate picture of current cell volumes, calculate remaining airspace in seconds, and maximize compaction rates over time.

Within a couple of hours, I had the site survey data modeled within Trimble Business Center and was able to run calculations and determine quantities in order to create a bid for the client…the numbers were right on the money. Read Case Study

Jack N. Brown
Machine control/3D data Manager at Sunesis


Cloud-based access

Easy-to-use analytics tools

Composite surveys

Design file workflows

Timeline slider

Terrain cleanups

Drag-and-drop lidar

One-click reporting

Custom mobile add-ons

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