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Drone Solutions for Quarries

An end-to-end 3D drone mapping and data analytics solution uniquely designed for aggregates producers.

industry focused


Drone workflows designed for aggregates companies.



Verifiable survey-grade accuracy down to a 1/10ft.



24/7 access to a team of dedicated GIS experts



Flexible options that make sense for every sized business

Your geospatial data hub for quarry management

Aggregates professionals use Propeller’s drone software to capture high-accuracy survey data and generate 3D digital models to document progress at every stage of life. All your designs, surveys, and measurements in one place, accessible to your whole team.

Drone applications for quarries

Safe, accurate site surveys

  • Quickly get started using Propeller’s fully-integrated drone surveying workflow
  • Empower your survey team to survey more ground, in a fraction of the time of traditional methods
  • Reach survey-grade accuracy with verifiable results down to 1/10ft
  • Keep your survey team safe by minimizing the amount of time they spend on site
  • Generate 3D and 2D digital replicas of your quarry from drone images within 24 hours of your survey
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Complete documentation at all stages of your project

  • Conduct high-frequency site surveys to capture changes on the quarry floor as they occur
  • Use 3D maps to inspect and measure pit angles from your browser, without putting boots on the ground.
  • Improve efficiency by analyzing and optimizing haul roads for fuel burn
  • Layer recent surveys against linework and design files to visualize what’s been done and calculate what’s left to do
  • Visually track earth movement by comparing multiple datasets over time
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Simple inventory management

  • Use built-in tools to calculate stockpile volumes
  • Know what your stock is actually worth with on-screen calculators that translate stockpile volumes to dollars
  • Generate PDF or CSV reports that detail what’s in your inventory
  • Instantly share reports with team members and key stakeholders
  • Reconcile end-of-month reporting and improved financial forecasting
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Collaboration & communication

  • Access survey data anywhere, anytime using cloud-based software
  • Collaborate with unlimited users at no extra cost
  • Empower your entire team to collaborate from a single source of truth
  • Generate PDF or CSV reports to share with contractors and stakeholders
  • Explore platform add-ons to simplify communication and make 2D maps mobile
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