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Ground Control Points for Drone Mapping

A simple solution to improve drone data accuracy.

propeller aeropoints

Easy enough for beginners, precise enough for experts

AeroPoints™ are high-precision, smart ground control points, thoughtfully designed for drone beginners, but precise enough for survey veterans. Forget hours with bases and rovers, just lay out your AeroPoints and let them do the work.

Use AeroPoints anywhere and with any coordinate system

Durable, lightweight design

Forget complex surveying equipment and prevent human error with these durable, lightweight ground control points.

one-button operation
One-button operation

One-button operation means you don’t need to be a GPS expert to use them. Just lay them out, and they’ll do their job.

Wireless upload

AeroPoints upload their ground control data wirelessly to your user portal from whenever you are. Never worry about processing your own data again.

mobile app
Mobile app-based management

A dedicated AeroPoints app delivers real-time diagnostics about your ground control hardware and makes configuration setup a breeze.

How AeroPoints work

Each AeroPoint includes a solar panel and plug-in charger, battery, GPS, and Wi-Fi inside a fully-sealed, lightweight shell. The real value of AeroPoints comes from their flexibility—use them for ground control, checkpoints, or even as a base station.

Sites on a global coordinate system

There’s no more need for awkward and expensive survey gear. You can show up on site, quickly disperse the AeroPoints, and then fly.

Sites with a permanent survey mark

Calibrate your AeroPoints with a permanent survey mark, including State Marks, by placing an AeroPoint over it and uploading the mark’s position with your data.

Sites with a base station

Ensure your drone data has the same reference point as your other data by importing a RINEX file with your AeroPoints. Great for construction sites with machine control.

Sites with a local grid

Align drone data with machine control, design, and other site data by uploading your Trimble or Topcon calibration file to calibrate AeroPoints with your local grid coordinates.

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Customer reviews:

Robert Anthony - DRE

For the work we do, AeroPoints provide the most flexibility

For taking ground control points – just lay down a large pizza box sized object, press a button and then you’re out of harms way, it’s easier, faster and safer for us than using a base and rover.

Rob Anthony

Senior Project Engineer, Design Research Engineering

John-Triska 3D-Data-Prep

The AeroPoints are a necessity.

They are like gold when you are flying a drone. We were within 2/100ths of a foot of our lidar scan, so we love them. Data logging is a really old technology but Propeller packages it in a new way and it honestly just works.

John Triska

Owner, 3D Data Prep Inc.

Loren-Otto- Airborn-Insight

The AeroPoints are so easy to use.

They’re saving time, money and are very efficient. Particularly being able to tag images in the same coordinates that you want to process your data in, it seems to work really well. I hate going back to a site twice, and AeroPoints help prevent that from happening

Loren Otto

Co-founder & Director, Airborn Insight

It’s the accuracy of the AeroPoints that works for us

Some companies rely on RTK but we do not, we want reliable, accurate results. Fixed ground control doesn’t work for construction due to the material always being moved, and PPK workflows are not possible with a traditional fixed point.

Martti Keskinen

Development Director, YIT

Javier Gomez

We are using AeroPoints to produce highly accurate elevation maps

Since adopting AeroPoints technology, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the accuracy of our drone data, especially in elevation.

Javier Gómez

CEO, Corporativo G2

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AeroPoints per set: x10

Maximum survey area per set: 70ha (180 acres)

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2 AeroPoints bags

AeroPoints come in durable, hi-vis bag, making them easy to store and carry.

2 AeroStencils

AeroStencils make it simple to use AeroPoints to create semipermanent and permanent GCPs

AeroPoints processing

Every AeroPoint purchase includes 12 months of unlimited GCPs processing and corrections. After one year, it’s $600 annually for corrections and processing.

Hardware support

AeroPoints customers have access to our 24-hour chat support via the AeroPoints portal and email support during business hours (7am–5pm MST; 9am–5pm AEST).

AeroPoints Platform

View your ground control data visually. Keep track of placement, survey dates, and past data.

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