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Propeller PPK With Phantom 4 RTK

The perfect synchrony of accuracy, affordability, and reliability.
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Affordability meets reliability in the Phantom 4 RTK

DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK is a user-friendly multicopter drone that’s easy to fly anywhere—and as one of the most affordable survey drones on the market, it won’t break the bank.

Phantom 4 RTK is the original companion drone for Propeller PPK. It’s easy to operate, reliable in the field, and priced lower than alternative options, making it a low-risk entry point into the world of drone surveying.

Propeller PPK and the P4RTK enable you to reduce survey time to a matter of hours, without sacrificing quality.

Get updated measurements as often as you want to fly, with accuracy to 1/10ft. Download our whitepaper on the P4RTK’s accuracy in the field.
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Why fly Phantom 4 RTK?

DJI is a world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, and the Phantom drone series has long been the workhorse of the construction, aggregates, and waste management industries.

For customers looking to implement drone surveying operations—or expand existing ones—with a user-friendly, low-risk investment, look no further than Propeller PPK and P4RTK.

Benefits of Propeller PPK With Phantom 4 RTK

Stretch your dollars further
As one of the most affordable survey-quality drones on the market, P4RTK enables you to take advantage of the speed and accuracy that come with drone surveying, at a fraction of the cost.
Real-time positional data
TimeSync technology coordinates the camera and RTK receiver, ensuring the most accurate geospatial information is connected to every image. TimeSync also centers the positioning data to the optical center of the camera, increasing accuracy during processing.
Survey-quality imaging
The P4RTK combines a one-inch, 20 MP CMOS sensor and aerial-optimized wide-angle lens with a 24mm focal length to deliver clear, consistent imaging every time you fly.
Reduce field time
Forget complex surveying equipment—minimize the number of hours you spend in the field using AeroPoints, the smart alternative to ground control. Just lay out an AeroPoint, press a button, and let Propeller PPK and P4RTK do the rest.
Fly smarter
Fly smarter
Direct the P4RTK’s flight by simply tapping a point on the controller screen, drawing a path with your finger, or by telling it to take the most direct path “home” to the base station.
Professional controls
The controller includes a microSD card slot, high-quality speaker, and hot-swappable batteries, so you won’t get disconnected if you need to change batteries mid-flight.

Propeller PPK and Phantom 4 RTK are optimizing labor, improving accuracy, and leveling up site surveys with each flight.

Transform your worksites today.

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